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A day in the life of..

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Now that those formalities are out of the way,
Excuse me while i peer into your soul to capture your deepest emotions with a single flash.

(insert something profound)

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Every second I waste sleeping is a moment that is lost to me forever
fading into the cruel world that my brain has created for me
losing grips on reality not able to tell me dreams from memories
when will it all end.

Every second I waste being awake is slow and painful
it is torture inflicted upon me by what some call fate
she has her cold cruel hands around my throat
her unrelenting drive to keep me in my place is too strong to do anything
when will it all end…

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December 19, 20011 @ 2:05am

There isn’t enough words in the english language that could properly describe the way that you make me feel, and the pure joy and excitement I get when I see your smile, hear your laugh or stare into your eyes.

It’s a shame that you will never be mine… 

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Dreaming of dreams.

You lay home at night alone and so cold,
curled up and cluttered with clothes yet to fold.
you feel deep inside that something’s wrong.
just out of place but yet nothing’s gone.

Now as days go by you try hard to dream,
And you try to replay that final scene.
"She walks on that path to guide her way home,
you continue along feeling empty and alone.
We’ll meet again, its all i can hope
but till that day comes i must learn to cope.”

It all seemed so real so vivid and true,
but how is it right, I have yet to meet you.
perfection it differs in my mind and yours,
nothing lives up, and I can’t take much more.
laying awake on these nights that bleed into days,
how can i love, ” Now let’s count the ways” 

How can I find the words to express
To open my heart and lower my stress.
If love’s an illusion then what do i feel
not knowing the just why I cant tell whats real.
We’re destined to be, that much I know. 
but I stumble through words and i can’t seem to show.
the difference you make in more ways than one.
It explains the urge i get to just turn and run.
dream world or not i know that you’re real,
because of the things i know that i feel.

Now as days go by you try hard to dream,
And you try to replay that final scene.
"She walks on that path to guide her way home,
you continue along feeling empty and alone.
We’ll meet again, this feeling is strong
i’ll wait till that day no matter how long”

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Bend me, Break Me.

bring me back to the past I loved
the one true place I hold above.
before that night I’ll never forget,
lead to a life you’ll soon regret. 

bring me back to a past I hate,
with a sorry that comes way too late.
after some words were left unsaid,
left that doubt, burnt into my head.

break me free from the hate I can’t let go,
I’m empty inside, I have nothing to show.
I’m broken and bruised inside and out,
Nothing was true, now I’m left here with doubt.

break me free from this world that i’ve come to hate,
break my chains of my life and leave me to fate.
erase all the memories that leave me so sad,
break me free from the chains that make you my dad. 

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Random Update Number 1…

So it has become very rare for me to actually post something on tumblr, and the main reason is because I don’t want to sound like that prepubescent teenager that hates his life especially considering that I am a twenty-four twenty-something year old man that really has nothing to complain about any more. Except for the fact that I am love infatuated with one of my best friends (to the point that anytime she texts me i light up) but if you know anything about me then you know it isn’t the first time!

On another note it has been approximately six weeks since I took that big leap and up-rooted my life from Las Vegas  to give my photography a fighting chance in Los Angeles. its funny because I promised my self that i would actually document my life here and yet I have zero footage. For the record it is because i have been so consumed with trying to get settled. but now that I am about there I think that I will actually start!

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a few questions i want you to answer

When did you first fall in love?

How did you know it was love when you have nothing to truly compare it to? 

And was it just me that only realized you “fell in love” when the other person didn’t love you back? 

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A new step in the right direction..

So today i decided to unsync my tumblr from my facebook. It was a pretty big step considering that i no longer feel the need advertise to the general public of my friends and family how completely and utterly i feel about my life, work or what ever is screwing up my mind that day. “So hopefully this will stop from those awkward questions on my wall asking if i am ok..” and “if you need anything your family is here for you.”

and plus since i am only broadcasting my life to the tumblr community that i can imagine could give a rats ass about my day/week/month/year makes everything ok because i know they know we are eccentric and a little crazy in our own way!

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